Day 2 of CAC started way too early for my taste as I had my presentation scheduled at 9 a.m. Not to mention it's equally hard to get attendees out of bed in the morning hours after the first night of partying... but we finally joined forces with Peter van der Graaf and our joint session ended up "just as crowded as a Day 1 session" :))

Anyways, I got some good feedback on my Outsourcing talk (please contact me if you want a copy of the powerpoint) which always makes it worth the effort of putting it together in the first place.

The afternoon was dedicated to panels in the Grand Ballroom. I was a panelist on the first one and the accoustics were so bad it was basically impossible to hear the questions from the audience. Kinda defeats the purpose of Q&A panels. After a couple of hours of this, no wonder some panelists gave up...

Anyways, was fun to meet up with some nice folks. In addition to yesterday, I also want to shout out to Bas van den Beld and Nichola Stott !

See you next time, somewhere... :)