I'll be speaking at A4U expo in Munich (May 18-19th, 2010).

I'll be on the super affiliate panel on Day 2 about "Tips to Increase Productivity & Profit". Pretty exciting!

I guess I'll leave the tech tips to the other panelists and focus on some hugely underrated secrets... including... marshmallows! (I kid you not!)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Max Flodén

Hi Francois - just a quick note to tell you I really enjoyed listening to your experiences during today’s panel discussion!

Br Max

2010-05-19 23-43

Comment from: Dino Leupold von Loewenthal

Hi Francois,

I really enjoyed your panel discussion and your experiences. Only the end was a bit - unlucky. But I hope I could have shed some light on your concerns and you know where to send your emails to - from now on :-) Cheers Dino

2010-05-20 13-08