Sometimes it's interesting to do a reality check on your own little domain portfolio...

Here are the top 10 domain sales in 2010:

  1. - $13,000,000
  2. - $5,500,000
  3. - $1,750,000
  4. - $1,250,000
  5. - $1,100,000
  6. - $1,058,830
  7. - $1,000,000
  8. - $851,875
  9. - $800,000
  10. - $750,000

Did you notice how short, generic domain names have more value than anything else?

Did you notice how .com domains have more value than most others TLDs.

How many of those do you own? :p

Now look at the exception though: ... a French domain name! Isn't that interesting?

I believe that one of the main reasons there is only once ccTLD domain in the list (a .fr for that matter) is because in most countries the market isn't sufficiently developed yet...

Sometimes I wonder if you could evaluate the long term value of generic ccTLD domains by appying some sort of ratio on generic .com prices, maybe based on a ratio of the population's country compared to the English speaking population in the world... ;)