Hello there!

As you may have noticed, this is sort of a minimalistic blog.

Its main purpose is so you can find me if you look me up. Its secondary purpose is to have a place to rant about internet marketing from time to time ;)

Overall, I have to confess that starting to talk about how exactly I make money online was not the smartest idea I ever had. Some strategies just work better when you don't have a lot of copycats following you. Some business plans work better when you're under the radar. (No, friends, it's nothing dirty or illegal, it's just that having 10 competitors worldwide makes things a lot easier than having tens of thousands at your doorstep. Especially if you're in the "make money while you sleep" line of business ;)

Meet me at some conference after party! I'll be happy to chat... or we can also "make money while we eat" (ifyouknowhatimsayin').

A lot of competition for new gTLDs

June 29th, 2012

ICANN has revealed the list of applications they have received for the new generic TLDs.

It's interesting to look at the extensions for which they have received several competing applications. Those will probably be of high interest in the future. It also gives an idea of where the investors currently are...

Here are the gTLDs with some competing applications:

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Speaking at SMX Paris 2012

June 7th, 2012
Speaking at SMX Paris 2012

SMX Paris 2012 takes place today & tomorrow. I'll be presenting at 2 sessions:

  • How to get out of Google Penalties - june 7th, 16:30
  • Affiliation strategies - Search Marketing beyond the 1st click - june 8th 11:30

SMX Paris is one of the two only serious SEO conferences in France. I'm pretty excited to be there ;)


It's *not* all about SEO...

December 12th, 2011

Sometimes I wonder why I ever chose the "seofrancois" nickname... Oh right, those guys at a conference kept pressing me for a twitter handle! But still, SEO is just a little part of what I'm interested in as far as making money, ahem, I mean as far as Internet Marketing is concerned.

I believe everyone doing SEO should keep in mind that SEO alone is useless. Optimizing a site for search engines doesn't do much, unless you're doing an SEO contest, maybe... but I'd still argue that doing an SEO contest doesn't do anything useful either.

If you're doing SEO, ask yourself: what's the point? More specifically: what happens next? People find your site in web engines. Some click through. Now what?

Below are some additional topics you may want to think about. (No, I'm not talking about PPC!) And what's more: contrary to SEO, those topics still have a lot of margin for improvement in many verticals, even the juicy ones:

  • Copy writing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Navigation optimization & site usability
  • Branding
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer experience
  • Trust factors
  • User engagement
  • Community building (onsite)
  • Facebook & co.
  • Mailing list buildings
  • Email deliverability
  • Mobile browsing

Email deliverability, for example, can be quite an interesting topic for SEOs; there is definitely a parallel to be drawn between how many factors influence your position in search engines and how many factors influence whether or not your email is going to be delivered to the recipients' inboxes, spam boxes or not delivered at all... (You guys should do email deliverability contests to Hotmail for a change! :p )

But beyond that, the list above contains areas which are less technical but require more creativity instead. I believe these are the areas where you will find the most growth in 2012.

a4uexpo Europe in Munich: best places to eat

June 8th, 2011

This is a utility post for anyone going to a4uexpo and looking for some above average food... especially steak:

  • The best place in town is called "Zum Goldenen Kalb" - Utzschneidertr.1 80469 München. The filet is just as juicy as the best you'd get in the US... and the spinach... don't even get me started on the spinach! (and it's MMWYE approved ;)
  • The Hilton Am Tucherpark hotel restaurant is also pretty decent. The filet is less awesome than am Goldenen Kalb but the lentils... yes the lentils... are just the best I ever had! Seriously!

Note: if you wonder what's up with spinach, lentils and slow carbs in general, check out the 4 hour body book by Tim Ferris ;)

Other places of interest:

  • Cafe Rischart am Marienplatz for all sorts of cakes ;)
  • There's also that awesome Spatenhaus an der Oper (near the Opera) with the insane schnitzl... some of the best I ever had ;)

Top domain sales in 2010

April 26th, 2011

Sometimes it's interesting to do a reality check on your own little domain portfolio...

Here are the top 10 domain sales in 2010:

  1. Sex.com - $13,000,000
  2. Slots.com - $5,500,000
  3. Dating.com - $1,750,000
  4. Photo.com - $1,250,000
  5. Flying.com - $1,100,000
  6. Zip.com - $1,058,830
  7. Poker.org - $1,000,000
  8. Credit.fr - $851,875
  9. Guns.com - $800,000
  10. Ringtones.com - $750,000

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